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Walking Street

Pattaya Go Go Bars

From it's humble beginnings as a small fishing village to arguably the largest concentration of Go-Go Bars in the world, Pattaya has grown to be a must see destination for Go-Go Bar aficionados to get their fix of the sexiest go go dancers in the world.

While not as large as the metropolis that is Bangkok, Pattaya more than holds it's own with it's sheer number of Go-Go Bars, much later closing times, and laid back party atmosphere. If you are visiting Thailand for the first time to see go go dancers then Pattaya is a must-see destination and is truly the epicenter of GoGo Bars worldwide.

Strolling down Walking Street, the main Go-Go Bar strip is a visual feast as the senses are overwhelmed with the sights and sounds of Pattaya nightlife at it's best and you can be assured of a time to remember in the go go bar capital of the world.

Walking Street Go Go Bars

  • Heaven Above : True to it's name, Heaven Above is luxuriously decked out with all white decor and features some of the very best go-go dancers Pattaya has to offer. Many of the girls here are of model quality and if you prefer quality over quantity then this may very well be the club for you.

  • Gentleman's Club : Nicely designed go-go bar with top quality girls dancing on 2 levels. Features great private booths upstairs for VIP alone time with the dancer of your choice.

  • Lollipop : Lots of fresh faced beauties at this good looking club with a friendly staff makes this go-go bar a top pick.

  • Living Dolls Showcase : Best party bar in Walking street, rockin all night long with a lot fun all night. Medium sized go-go bar with very good shows and even prettier showgirls.

  • Peppermint A Go-Go : Good size go-go with lots of girls dancing on 3 stages always draws a good crowd.

  • What's Up Playgirls : Very well designed go-go bar with a high quality level of go-go dancers working here on 2 stages as well as a bubble-bath show.

  • Happy A Go-Go : One of the more succesful go-go bars in Pattaya has a large number of go-go girls dancing at any given time on 3 stages. Best time here is early as this is known as an early bird spot.

  • Beach Club : Table dance style go-go bar with friendly girls and reasonably priced drinks makes this go-go bar a Pattaya favorite for many.

  • Misty's A Go-Go : This go-go bar is a very sleek and modern western style club with a good level of attractive girls.

  • Angelwitch : The biggest go-go bar in not only Pattaya, but in all of Thailand features some of the best choreographed stage shows around. Angelwitch is a fixture on the Pattaya bar scene and a definite must see for anyone interested in elaborate stage shows.

  • X -Zone : This go-go as an area with a main stage as well as tables that the girls will dance on. Good level of quality girls here.

  • Casnovy A Go-Go : One of the newer go-go bars in Pattaya has an impressive design and has some good looking go-go dancers.

  • Living Dolls :  Was good  go-go with a main stage   with sexy ladies. 

  • Babydolls A Go-Go : Naughty nubiles inhabit this go-go located next to Misty's

  • Shark Club : Two go-go bars are connected together with one featuring traditional go-go style pole dancing and the other with table-dance style action.
     Baccara: one of best bars in this street, many stunners all night.

Bangkok Go Go Bars

Few cities in Asia, and for that matter the world can compare with the vibrant and hectic nightlife that is Bangkok. World renowned for it's daring and risque shows, Bangkok hosts dozens of Go-Go Bars and is an international tourist destination.

While it does not have the number of Go-Go Bars that Pattaya has, Bangkok still has an electric nightlife and is sure to please anyone looking for Go-Go Bars and some of the sexiest Go-Go dancers in Thailand.

The prime hotspots for Go-Go Bars in Bangkok are located on Soi Cowboy and in Nana Plaza, otherwise known as the Nana Entertainment Complex with the once famed Patpong now bringing up the rear and closing times for all three areas vary nightly, generally they close at around 2 AM.

Soi Cowboy Go Go Bars

  • Shark Club : Very high level of tall, statuesque model quality go-go dancers make this go-go bar a top pick. The selection is always fantastic here and you cannot go wrong by checking this bar out.

  • Baccara : Fantastic design and incredibly cute go-go girls make this go-go a must see. The second level is plexiglass so upskirt lovers will definitely love it here as you can get a lovely view of the go go dancers from below.

  • Dollhouse : The original "Dollhouse" in Asia. Many "doll" go-go bars have appeared over the years trying to emulate the success of this establishment with it's great design, pretty girls and crazy hour drink specials which brings to mind the saying, "often imitated, never duplicated."

  • Tilac : This go-go bar recently underwent a major renovation and features table dancing as well as a main stage with many attractive girls.

  • Rawhide : This soi cowboy fixture has some attractive girls and is usually fairly busy.

  • Long Gun : Skilled go-go dancers working the poles here draw a good number of regular visitors.

  • Deja Vu : Very revealing go-go dancers. A few cuties here at this good sized bar.

  • Sheba : This go-go bar has a mixture of revealing go-go dancers and sexy stage shows.

Nana Plaza Go Go Bars

  • Angelwitch : The best stage shows in Bangkok with many attractive girls and a consistently popular go-go.

  • Mandarin : Multi level go-go bar. The first level has table dancing, while the second level features traditional pole dancing and the third level is made of plexiglass which can be viewed from below. Good level of quality girls here.

  • Rainbow : There are four different Rainbow go-go's in Nana Plaza with the busiest being Rainbow 4 which has a large number of girls, many of which are very good looking however many girls at the various Rainbow bars prefer Japanese clientele so their prices and attitudes reflect that.

  • Hollywood Carousel : Large go-go bar has good stage shows on 2 different circular stages with a number of attractive girls.